Victor Dax

Human Male Rogue


Victor’s curly black hair is often tucked away neatly under his rag-top, and it is very obvious that he cares a great deal for it. He seems very stout, even for a sailor, and can easily portray kindness with his face, or a fearful displeasure, depending on if you’re on his good side.


Victor would seem to make a great pirate or sailor, if he weren’t in various stages of drunkenness at all times. Even then, the pirates would have him readily for a great deal of his skills. For whatever reason, however, Victor seems content being his own free man. When he isn’t drinking, hitting on every female in sight, or both, Victor is seen staring off into the ocean.

In Ilizmagorti, Victor was hired alongside Danji Al Bengali by Pel Malander to safeguard the passage of a small, heavily warded metal box to Ereder. Though Victor and Danji were hired together, there is no apparent connection between the men, and they do not socialize, though not to Victor’s credit. When they first met, Victor extended an arm and a smile, knowing the two would have to work together, but he was unable penetrate Danji’s personality.

Victor Dax

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