Rambar Terillo

Cook on the Jenivere


Aboard the Jenivere, Rambar is quite an oddity, as the entirety of the crew otherwise is rather fit and in great shape, Rambar is a very fat man. This, however, is to be expected, as Rambar is the cook aboard the Jenivere. The task of attempting to cook meals aboard a constantly swaying ship has left stains, spills, and tears all over Rambar’s clothing, and because of the heat of the stove, Rambar cooks in the lightest of clothing while in the kitchen. Coupled with the unshaved scruff and poor posture of the man, Rambar is quite a noticeable presence wherever he goes.


The only thing rougher than Rambar’s neck is his attitude if approached. Rambar is a big, boisterous lug of a man, and he is not afraid to throw his weight around, both literally and figuratively. Despite this roughness, Rambar seems to be quite a happy man, content to sail the seas and cook meals. Despite Rambar’s appearance, he is a fantastic cook, and his dinners are often an amazing feat, as the stocks of a ship must be more limited than the array of dishes he is capable of serving.

Rambar Terillo

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