Pel Malander

Forlorn Elf


Pel is a Forlorn Elf, an Elf that has begun an aging process due usually to a traumatic event in her past. While Elves usually live forever, they can die of old age if they become Forlorn. Pel stands 6’2" and is very thin, as most Elves tend to be. Even though Pel was only briefly encountered, he never managed more than a sneer, which seemed to be his normal look. Pel always dressed as a noble, and held an heir about himself.


Pel Malander hired Snorri Gunderlock, a bard, Victor Dax, and Danji Al Bengali to escort a small, heavily warded metal box from Ilizmagorti to Ereder. Primarily, Pel made certain that these four were aware that this job came with no questions asked, but he did offer only one aspect of the job; this is a leg in the box’s travels, so that no individual will know the full extent of it’s travels. Pel did not bare any marks as to his affiliations, or whom may be orchestrating the box’s travels. Snorri is only under orders to give it to Hallier Bowstruck at the Temple of Iomedae.

Pel Malander

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