Kilkenny Filidhe

Human Bardic Chronicler


Kilkenny is a meeker man, standing only 5’4", and thin enough to give off the impression that he may be Elven. In fact, Kilkenny is not Elven, but puts a great deal of time into his appearance, constantly taking care of his skin and keeping his complexion fair. His flowing blonde hair is always well maintained, and he spends just as much time cleaning and polishing his clothing.


Kilkenny is by no means an adventurer, does not truly have the knack for battle or exploration, and is not magically inclined in the slightest. However, none would deny the man’s skill with a lute or lyrics, as he sings fair songs, mostly of his own design, and does so with a surprising elegance. While there is no question, even to Kilkenny, that he is incredibly vain, he does not carry with it an elitist attitude, and is truly a very friendly person.

He knows that he is not a hero or an adventurer, and will gladly accept aid when he needs it, naturally weaving a small tale or hymn from the encounter as thanks to those who help him. It was exactly this tradition of his that has indebted him to Snorri Gunderlock, for whom saved him from a vicious caravan attack. Without Snorri, Kilkenny had no doubt that he would have perished at the blade of the marauders. Normally, Kilkenny is only accustomed to needing help out of a bar brawl at worst, but this catastrophe was far worse. In his haste, Kilkenny swore an oath to tell the deeds of Snorri, one that he did not assume Snorri would take so literally, or diligently. Since that fateful day, Kilkenny has been asked to accompany Snorri and weave the tale of his deeds as a Slayer so that all may know the heroic deeds he has done, and the heroic end he is seeking out. Kilkenny, more than a little taken aback by the scope of what his oath had become, sees this as a grim, dangerous task, but admits to being intrigued by the idea. In the end, more than keeping some hasty oath, Kilkenny would hate to see a man seeking such heroic depths go unchronicled in history, especially one who saved his life along the way.

Kilkenny Filidhe

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