Jask Derindi

Prisoner aboard Jenivere


Jask, obviously of Garundi descent, is a tall, middle aged man who’s hair is just starting to show signs of grey. Though rather fit, Jask carries himself softly, almost as though he had not been actively doing any stressful labor for quite some time.


Before the Jenivere set sails from the port at Corentyn, two armed guards escorted Jask, none too kindly, into the brig aboard the ship, under the watchful eye of both Captain Alizandru Kovack and Alton Devers. Aside from this single appearance, Jask has been kept in isolation from all but Captain Korvack himself, who curtly brings Jask his meals. Under the Captain’s orders, none are to enter into the brigs while Jask is aboard. Only glimpses of the manacled prisoner can be seen from a window into a cell across from his, and Jask is always seen sitting on his bench, head hanging, in quiet isolation.

Jask Derindi

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