Passenger aboard Jenivere


The first glance Ishirou reveals a humble elderly Tian man who has aged on the seas, judging by his tan and scruffy appearance, but this is in fact deceiving. Though Ishirou is much younger than his appearance lets on, his very unkempt appearance, his prematurely graying hair, and his rough and scarred skin would almost bridge the gap between age and a rough life. Often Ishirou will be seen hiding in the background, if he is out of his cabin, and never overtly making his presence known. Ishirou carries a Katana strapped to his back at all times, and unlike the state of anything else Ishirou owns, including his clothing, the Katana appears to be in great condition and well upkept.


When the Jenivere set port at Bloodcove, a Tian male, Ishirou boarded the vessle as a guest. Ishirou is a very quiet and unassuming man, keeping to himself exclusively and speaking only when directly spoken to, yet his attitude is not that of rudeness, but rather seclusion and meekness. Though there isn’t much to read from such a meek demeanor, it is clear to see that Ishirou is peaceful and perhaps even cautiously eager to arrive in Ereder.


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