Serpentfolk in disguise


Though posessing a fair beauty, Ieana seems not to focus on her physicality, and often seems wearing clothing more oriented for comfort rather than style. As is usual for Varisian women, Ieana has a unique Olive tint to her skin, and thick black hair.


After boarding the Jenivere in Magnimar, Ieana has spent quite some time pouring over her studies in her cabin. Ieana is quite obviously a quiet and scholarly woman, and when approached she seems to have little to say, though polite enough in her demeanor. Because of the dichotomy of Ieana and Gelik Aberwhinge boarding at the first port, she being quiet and Gelik being boisterous, the crew seems to have labeled Ieana with a number of different odd assumptions. Ieana doesn’t seem to mind however, and merely seems quite intent on her studies as the Jenivere approaches Sargava.

However, it was later revealed that the Serpentfolk Cleric of Ydersius, Yarzoth, was only posing as Ieana in order to gain access to ancient Azlant ruins on Smuggler’s Shiv. Her guises took her very far, but ultimately she fell to a group of adventurers she stranded on the island with her. Her studies may yet prove useful to those that can decipher them.


Serpent's Skull brimmel