Hallier Bowstruck

Human Cleric of Iomedae


Hallier is a simple enough looking Cleric, and wears the holy robes of Iomedae. He is of normal height and greying hair, but always greets those entering the temple with a smile that shows through his whole face.


Hallier is a simple Cleric of Iomedae, who resides in the Temple of Iomedae at Ereder. As such, Hallier is one of many that tend to the needs of the temple, but lives an otherwise uneventful life, dedicated only to tending to Iomedae’s worshipers in Ereder.

Danji Al Bengali, Victor Dax, and Snorri Gunderlock have been hired by Pel Malander in Ilizmagorti to deliver to Hallier a small metal box, heavily locked and warded. There was no mention of Pel’s relation to Hallier, nor to the box.

Hallier Bowstruck

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