Danji Al Bengali

Human Female Warrior


Danji’s smooth olive tan skin color and unique clothing immediately set her apart as being from a distant land. She carries herself very lightly for a warrior, and seems to have quick and fluid movement, but her dexterous capabilities do not mean that she is at all lacking in strength.


Danji never speaks, not even a single word. Most would wonder if she was mute, but the distance she always has readily apparent in her eyes and body language state so much more on the matter; that she merely never really bothers with anyone. There is no knowing if she is simply mute, or if she simply does not speak, and it’s not like she’ll ever tell.

Danji was one of four hired by Pel Malander to safeguard a heavy metal box, encrypted on all sides with intricate runes. Though she was hired by Pel alongside Victor Dax, she does not seem to know, or show an interest in knowing, Victor.

Danji Al Bengali

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