Captain Alizandru Kovack

Captain of the Jenivere


Captain Alizandru Kovack is a regal and organized Chelish man, given away immediately by his well trimmed beard and well kept clothing. While at sea, it isn’t always easy to keep a suit perfect, but the Captain obviously goes well out of his way to keep the clean and well kept. He is a taller man who holds his stability well, walking with purpose and poise at all times. Captain Kovack is a powerful presence on the deck, and without a word gives of an air of safety to those under his protection, and a sense of duty into his subordinates. The Captain is rarely seen without his well oiled leather tricorn Captain’s hat.

It was discovered that Captain Kovack was being used by Ieana, who had him under a dominate person spell, using him to get closer to her goal on Smuggler’s Shiv. Once she no longer needed the Captain, she gave him to a family of Ghouls, who turned him into a monster. His last wishes, scrawled in his blood upon a leather scrap, only asked forgiveness, a swift death, and revenge against Ieana.


The only people who will ever meet Captain Kovack will do so boarding his ship, the Jenivere. Because of the demand of his merchant’s route traveling the shores of Avistan and Garund, Captain Kovack rarely, if ever, leaves his ship. If you are a passenger aboard his ship, taken on for the easy money, you are greeted with a smile and friendly enough formality, and you are never left feeling as though you are merely another piece of cargo. But it is readily apparent that the good Captain takes his job very seriously, and truly has little time for fraternization.

If you are one of Captain Kovack’s crew, you know the stricter side of the seas, as the Captain has little patience for a job done anywhere less then professional. Often times this strict nature can chafe the crew hard, but despite this, the Jenivere has seen little turnover, as Captain Kovack is known widely for having one of the safest track records along the treacherous coasts he travels. Always stalwart, with the slightest smile, Captain Kovack never even flinches while crossing through the Free Captain’s territory, past the Nidalese navy, and even around the endless winds of the stationary typhoon, The Eye of Abendego. He has enjoyed quite a bit of success with his route, but seems content to live out his days aboard the Jenivere, and maintaining his familiar route.

Captain Alizandru Kovack

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