Alton Devers

First Mate on the Jenivere


When people think of the first mate of a ship, they often gravitate to a stronger man, or bigger, or at least older and wizened. However, the First Mate of the Jenivere seems to carry none of these traits. Instead, Alton Devers is a slightly less than average size or build, and one of the younger men aboard the vessel. However, for his size, at least Alton seems to have been well adjusted to the seas, as his dark tan and lean, muscular build prove that he is more than a slouch.


Alton may not look like much, but one can only assume he is the First Mate of the Jenivere for a reason. At any given time, Alton can be seen running about the ship, delivering one thing or another to one place or another, commanding the men from Captain Kovack’s orders, or tending to the passengers that often buy passage along the route. There is no question that the general crew of the Jenivere respect Alton, whether because he is not as harsh to them as the Captain or some other reason, and they do as he orders with a ‘sir’.

Between Captain Kovack and Alton, the Jenivere runs like clockwork at all times. The Captain himself seems to treat Alton as though he was a son, but this isn’t apparent because of a kindness shared between them. If anything, Captain Kovack is harsher on Alton, making sure that he is accountable for the crew under his command, and any mistakes are placed first on Alton, before they are taken to the crew member at fault. Of course, Alton enjoys the benefits of the responsibilities as well, and seems to take his his lectures with a weighted wisdom, almost as though he considers them as necessary to better himself. Because of this dichotomy, Alton and the Captain have a very positive working relationship.< br />

As with most duties, the care of the passengers aboard the Jenivere also lies on Alton to handle. An as with most duties, Alton accepts the responsibility with care and kindness. Because of this, any passenger aboard the Jenivere who requires anything knows to seek out Alton.

Alton Devers

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