Aerys Mavato

Passenger aboard Jenivere


Standing quite tall, even without the heeled boots she always wears, this Half-Elf gives off a constant aura of confrontation. Even among half elves, Aerys would be considered very beautiful, sporting short dark hair and fierce blue eyes. She can be seen always wearing her leather armor tightly fit to her athletic form and a tricorn hat.


Immediately upon boarding the Jenivere at Port Peril, Aerys made clear her atitude by laying out a crewman that commented on his willingness to offer up his bunk for the nights. Since then, Aerys has been rarely seen on the ship, and in truth only has come out of her cabin to eat meals and acquire more liquor, before returning to her room to brood. It is clear that it was not the passing incident that seems to have sent her into her spiral, but what actually has been troubling her remains a firmly guarded mystery.

Aerys Mavato

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