Serpent's Skull

The Adventures of Maximillian Wolfe 02

The Adventures of Maximillian Wolfe 02

Personal Journal
March the 12th 2015
Another week of travel and we crest another hill and at the bottom I spy a hut of some kind a ways down the road with people playing or bathing in the river, it takes me a minute to realize that they were naked women and that put me on my guard. I informed my fellows of this fact and they all clamored to see. No sooner had we arrived when my compatriots took off across the river without even waking the gnome sleeping in the back of the caravan. I was immediately suspicious and decide to be very careful. I was halfway across the stream when I noticed that one of the naked women was following me and trying to get my attention which only made my paranoia worse. In my 124 years on this planet no woman ever looked at me with anything resembling interest so I made every effort to avoid her touch in case my suspicions were correct.
I am completely baffled, am I the only one who doesn’t trust a brothel in the middle of nowhere and the others were quite eager to go inside so when that happened I made my way back across the river to stand guard when she approached me again this time with a glass ale or something I took it and set it down on the seat of the wagon and then much to my relief she left and when she had crossed back I dumped the ale in the river. A couple of hours later and some woman flanked by two men with axes crossed the river and approached me “will you not join your fellows” she said “No” I replied and when she made a move to touch me I put my hand on Francesca and told her to back off. She nodded and warned me that if attacked her or anyone in the house that they would kill me I merely nodded and after they retreated to the hut I pulled out Francesca and placed her point first into the ground and waiting for the killing to start.
The next day Kev and the gnome brought back news that the others were saying that we should stay and how this was seriously out of character for them, I nodded to myself and realized my suspicions were true at least one of the “women” was as succubus. Once we decided on a course of action the gnome pointed out that he could put our fellows to sleep so we wouldn’t have to attack them and Kev pointed out that right up until we did attack we should act as though there was nothing out of the ordinary. Well the gnome managed to knock out Kalypso but the Succubi managed to get control of the gnome and shortly thereafter we managed to get Asura back but then they managed to wound me so badly I lost conscious. I awoke to find that the others managed to get rid of the head Succubi and the others fled.



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