Serpent's Skull

The Adventures of Maximillian Wolfe 01

Personal Journal
March the 5th 2015
I have traveled for a few weeks with “Peggy” and his so called crew and I have noticed a few inconsistences in their behavior that worry me a trifle. On the one hand they are extremely competent at driving this caravan and Peggy runs a tight ship but on the other hand you give them a little alcohol and they lose all control of themselves dancing (poorly), singing (off key), fighting (sloppily) and generally acting like children. Whenever we stop for our midday meal they have the tendency to swim or roll around in the mud and today was no difference except that I noticed another wagon cresting the hill behind us, I informed Peggy of this and he ordered me to be ready for a fight so I pulled out Francesca and readied myself for the coming battle. The wagon comes down the hill with two people on it and it seems that Peggy knows them, they exchange a few words and then they were attacking each other and as I wade into the melee I point my sword and the magic user and say “throw down your weapons if you want to live”. They chose not to but after they took a bit of damage the gnome yelled at the mage to run and they manage to escape and while Peggy and his crew took possession of the wagon and laughed aloud upon seeing the barrel of ale while I and some of his heavy hitters searched the area where the gnome was last seen but gave up after a few minutes.
About an hour later I and another 4 fighters from Peggy’s group went to find the ones who got away and were attacked by some kind of shadow tendrils and then by the rest of the group. I managed to get the tendrils off of me by sheer physical strength and stood ready to fight these people when the mage noticed my amulet of Calistria and mentioned it to one of the others who then asked what I was doing with these people I told them how they helped me save a large group of slaves when she laughed saying that they were slavers themselves. I felt like quite the fool for placing my trust Peggy so I turned to the fighter behind me and asked if this was true when he didn’t answer I pointed Francesca at him and demanded that he answer me and from the look in his eyes I knew he was guilty so I hit him with my sword but the tendrils killed him before I could so I turned my attention to the others and within a few minutes we had slain them all. I turned to the others, cast Francesca at their feet and apologized for my actions fully expecting them to kill me and I would have deserved it and gone to the void cursing my stupidity for trusting Peggy. But much to my surprise not only did they not kill me, they welcomed me into their group and told me of their plans but I argued that Peggy at least needed to die for what he had done and I left the fate of the others in their hands.
So I returned to Peggy with a token that they were dead and stood behind Peggy as they talked about how quickly the others had fallen asleep I struck Peggy trying to split him from crown to crotch but my anger messed up my aim so I had to fight both Peggy and his bodyguards for a few seconds until the others showed up to finish the job. They took position of the wagons and made camp for the night as I drug the rest of the sleeping pirated to the small stream that was nearby and put their heads in it until the bubbles stopped. In the morning I would sharpen some stakes and place their heads on them as a warning to any slavers that might see it.



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