Serpent's Skull

My Travels with the Slayer Volume 5 - Shipwrecked Entry 10

Upon entering the village we made many gruesome discoveries the foremost being that goats apparently don’t lie and there really are cannibals on the island. We also discovered the remains of one of our previous companions who chose not to travel with us, which I think has convinced the rest they had best stay close. Deciding to rest up and let our wounds heal we took over the common long house and I was shocked to see that the Slayer was not his usual glowering self. Instead he was clapping Von on the shoulder and retelling the battle and even Kevlar joined in contradicting him on several points which he fired back response to about whose axe took who down. It was how he is normally around other Slayers and it was a nice change, at one point I heard him make a comment about how the fight reminded him of old times when his Hilldie was beside him, but she wouldn’t be as blind as a cave mole and know where her axe landed. I started to question who his person was, the way he spoke of her and the look in his eye this person was surely not some old friend or a solider he may have fought beside. It is possible this person was his lover or wife? When I asked I got the typical response from him and he claimed up tighter than a money lenders purse in Durma when he sees the local unwashed.

With nothing more to discuss we fell into a deep sleep which was interrupted by an attack, apparently we missed someone that someone being the Witch Doctor of the tribe. The fight was fast and quickly ended but it left Snorri feeling superior to the others “That is why you check the area fully” he shot at them for when he tried before he received a great deal of push back. Maybe not so much in the future I wonder, both way we had discovered our lighthouse and my guess is the place was an early Cheliax outpost that fell some time ago. The lighthouse itself was not completed and the Slayer confirmed it was human work, and if had his crew with him it would take them at least a week to finish it off. Again another mystery added to his past, what crew was he referring to? Maybe something to do with his extensive knowledge of engineering would be my guess, but it would not serve our purpose for as Von pointed out Lighthouses warn ships away don’t call them in. From there we journeyed underground, deep underground and made our second major discovery so far. We found an ancient temple to a long lost race of serpent people, we also discovered that one of our fellow passengers on the ship was a demon and had forced the Captain here to this very island. It appears her intent is to reenact some ritual that these creatures created long ago. That ritual will take place on this very island and I am sure we saw the start of it when lightning struck the volcano not far from us. Snorri had that look come into his eye I have learned to fear and he smiled stating he had a chance to remove a name from his book of grudges by killing the captain who we believe is down here with us in some form and this new demon woman.

I almost laughed aloud when Azura asked him if there was anyone who he didn’t have an axe to grind with and the slayer responded with “Only those who have not crossed me wizard” a warning if ever I have heard one. With this knew found knowledge I know there will be no stopping him from setting off to the volcano and to try would be to try and drink the sea dry.



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