Serpent's Skull

The Start of a beautiful thing
The Start of a beautiful thing

Welcome aboard my ship, the Jenivere, which will be taking you to Sargava’s capital, Ereder. Many travel to the uncharted lands, and for many reasons. I don’t need to know them and I’m not judging, least I can’t judge what I don’t know, but all the same, welcome aboard! The first mate, Alton Devers, will show you to your quarters. As you’ve paid for your board, you’re free to wander the ship as she is, but I’ll ask you to mind the crewmen, as they’ve got important jobs to do. There are a few other passengers proper as well, so we’ll be hosting Dinner at 7 in the mess hall for you all, and be prepared, as our Cook makes a wonderful dish. I’ll be around if you have any needs, but if it is mundane please address it to Alton, as I too have important things to do. Enjoy your voyage.

- Captain Alizandru Kovack

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