Vania "Flick" Fletcher


Being an attractive female half-elf, Flick has always taken naturally to Bardic tenancies. With her tall, slender features and smooth complexion, she has taken as much of the best traits from her elven heritage as she has from her human. Because of this paring, Flick stands out in a crowd by being naturally attractive, even through the tomboy-ish clothing and attitude she presents forward.


Flick has always been outgoing from a young age, and has developed a bit of a wanderlust after the absence of her Father in her life. It was no surprise when Flick grew into a full Bard and wished to travel abroad. From her small town, leaving it behind was not as hard as she originally expected, as she set off to sate her wanderlust and bring he tales far and wide.

At one point in her travels, her caravan was assailed upon by a pack of Orcs, and Flick had to fight through her inspiring song to help fend off the horde. It was then that she met Snorri Gunderlock, who had killed many of the attacking Orcs. She had joined with Snorri at that time, and have been traveling together ever since.

Vania "Flick" Fletcher

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