Demon Outsider from Savith'Yhi


This colossal Demon saw a major transformation before the group, changing from a head in a jar, full of glowing green mist, into a fully fledged Demon. Now a full Demon, Tentagard stands about 7’ 2", and seems to have a scale-covered body, though you would have to sift through the slime and bog-slush to see it. The stench is the first thing anyone would notice, as it’s foul odor far outweighs any other aspect. The wide grin on his face shows multiple rows of sharp teeth, and seems to be a portent of his intentions.


Much of Tetagard is unknown, aside from the fact that he was previously trapped inside a jar in the hut of the Boggard Chieftain. Now freed by some sort of means, he attacked, and then fled. His intentions are unknown, but his gleeful promise to see the party again almost seem like a threat…


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