Rotilius Havelar

Ereder's Captian of the Guard


Often times, guard posts find that the best defense against internal conflict is to intimidate a potential hostile individual into backing down from a conflict before it happens. In the case of Ereder, they seem to have adopted this theory quite soundly, as Rotilius is even intimidating from afar. His obviously muscular tone, aggressive demeanor, and piercing glare would usually be enough to back down any drunken assailant in a skirmish, but Rotilius goes further than even that, wearing his battle scars like badges of office for all to see.


An aggressive demeanor, a confrontational glare, and the scars to prove he is ready to back up a fight all lend credence to the relatively low crime withing the walls of Ereder, as their Captain of the Guard, Rotilius, brazenly makes his presence known to would-be assailants. However, this extremely forward presence is merely a front Rotilius puts forth to assist him in his job, and actually reveals himself to be a rather reasonable, if not even jovial man. While on the job, Rotilius treats each of his guards as his subordinates, but offers them stern respect, as long as they are complying with their oath to serve unwaveringly. Rotilius has been known, more than once, to lay out any of his men who would abuse the law or exploit their position. This fierce loyalty to the law and overt persona made Rotilius an obvious enough choice for his position, but to discover that each of his Infamous stories are done in strategic effort to quash uprisings only makes him more desirable.

Rotilius Havelar

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