Sargavian Cockfight Leader


Tall and thin, Rickets doesn’t tower over those he meets for a very important reason; he has a severe hunch and relies solely on a walking cane, even to stand. Rickets doesn’t let his disability get him down, however, because his business is lucrative enough to dress in finery and own a really expensive cane.


Rickets is not a high society member, and he knows it. Instead he relishes his lower brow lifestyle while knowing that, because he holds the money, those around him will tolerate his lewd behaviors. Because of this, Rickets goes out of his way to flaunt his wealth just as much as his brashness. Rickets came into his fortune while running a lucrative business of Cockfights between Kalabuto and Ereder. Because of the nature of his gambling racket, Rickets never stayed in the towns, as he was outcast from every city.


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