Male Tengu Rogue


Short even for a Tengu, Pezock stands little taller than four and a half feet tall. His body is covered in Raven black feathers that seem to be frayed and dry, though a bird’s feathers should be crisp and have a slight oily reflection to them. He has a large black beak and radiant yellow eyes. His muscular build is readily apparent however, and his lean body reveals strength indicative of a man who hunts for survival. The pants he wears seem to have been patched up many times over, and all he wears on his upper torso are haphazard cloth bandages, wrapped around him tightly and seemingly randomly.


It is readily apparent that Pezock is not quite right in his mind. While Tengu often are noted for being short on attention, or even flighty, Pezock will flit from topic to topic at random rapid fire speeds, making only rudimentary sense out of the conversations he engages. After being stranded on Smuggler’s Shiv long enough, it seems that Pezock has either gone recluse, or has lost his ability to properly communicate or interact with other living beings, instead coming off, at best, as awkward, or at worst, threatening.


Serpent's Skull brimmel