Nkechi the Tempest

Cleric of Gozreh


Nkechi, following the ways of his God Gozreh, lived close to the sea and the sky, relying on nothing more than the food of the land and a small cave on a seaside bluff for shelter. Because of this, his skin was thick and leathered, and his body was covered in various small scars from the lifestyle of a hermit. However, for his age, Nkechi was incredibly fit and lean, due to the same lifestyle. When Nkechi walked with a hunch and a trident, used as a walking staff, to hold himself up.


Nkechi knew from first sight of Asura Vajra that a great and high power had finally came to him for a debt he had owed from birth. At a young age, Nkechi devoted himself to Gozreh, feeling the innate connection within him and to the Sea and the Sky around him. As the breeze and tides guided Nkechi, he followed the whims of Gozreh to the cliffs where he set up his home. While Nkechi was never interested in the affairs of mankind, he would grant aide to those for whom he felt had passed the trials of the Sea and Sky that he created. Because of this Nkechi became a bit of a seer among those adventuring inland from Eleder.

However, Nkechi spent most of his time communing with Gozreh, drinking his own concoction to spiritually leave his body to another plane of existence. In these trips, Nkechi learned of an unknown truth; that Gozreh was a broken God, thanks to a battle from ancient times. When he was damaged, Gozreh broke into shards and was split into two. These shards manifested as many things, including Nkechi himself. It was this knowledge that made him resign when he saw Asura, for whom he was destined to merge with in an effort of reforming the great Gozreh.

Nkechi the Tempest

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