Malgerius of the Fall


Malgerius is a mountain of a man standing at 6 feet 6 inches and weighing nearly 300 pounds. He has sandy blonde hair and has hauntingly blue eyes that seem to bore through you to see your mettle. He is strongly muscled, but covered in hundreds of small scars and several large ones that can not be missed. When in his armor he is a truly terrifying sight, heavy black full plate armor, that at times has large and numerous spines and spikes jutting out in every direction.


Malgerius of the Fall hails from Daggermark in the river kingdoms. When he was a young man, his mentor, Drugo the Unbroken, a powerful cleric of Gorum, took him and showed him the power and glory of battle sworn in Gorums name. For many years they fought together against the tyranny of the followers of Norgorbor.

When the two had made themselves too much of a nuisance, Norgorbor sent an assassin who slew Drugo with poison like the coward that all followers or Norgorbor are. After Malgeruus found out about his mentors slaying, he quickly and viciously slew the assassin in direct combat.

As Malgerius landed the final blow, Gorum began to yell at him from the heavens of a mighty conflict occurring, and of an even larger one yet to come. He ordered Malgerius to follow his lead, and find this conflict and show all there the true glory of Gorum.

Malgerius of the Fall

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