Kassata Lewynn

Free Captain of the Shackles


Of average height, but above average beauty, Kassata will easily fool anyone with her looks just long enough to plunder everything she can. She is proud to be the Captain of her ship, and wears very flashy pirate clothing to represent her stature in the Free Captains.


Kassata Lewynn is a pirate Free Captain of the Shackles, and sets sail out of Ereder. While she is very proud of her ship, “The Last Hurrah”, she is still very low in stature on the hierarchy of the Free Captains, and would love nothing more than to no longer answer to the pirate council. Instead, she sails for plunder and to gain her own stature among them, getting out of the front line and perhaps calling the shots herself.

Kassata’s “The Last Hurrah” was the original destination for Aerys Mavato who was looking to join her crew after hearing of her prominent stance. While Kassata is indeed a pirate, she seeks only to plunder and gain profit from disproportionally rich individuals, usually who hold dealings Kassata considers to be immoral, and never from the individuals from within Desperation Bay.

Kassata Lewynn

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