Elani Kaddren

Devoted Agent of Pharasma


Elani is tall and well-muscled. While she is not classically pretty, she is striking in appearance, with stern features and intelligent eyes. Her skin is pale ash grey, her hair is bone white. She looks quite like Pharasma is traditionally depicted, except her eyes are pale green instead of white.

Her armor is the most remarkable thing about her appearance. The breastplate is made of back leather backing behind articulated plates of magically hardened bone. She wears a hooded black cloak over the armor, fixed with a red hourglass clasp. Beneath the hood, she wears a protective face mask, also of magically hardened bone, giving her a grim, skull-like appearance. Her black-hafted scythe, easily as tall as she is, bears a blade of sharped bone, ridged across the top like the spine of some immense beast.


Elani was the oldest daughter of a disgraced and impoverished noble family. With no dowry and no marriage prospects, her family decided a convent was the best choice for her. There, to her surprise, she was trained as a martial cleric. A few years later, during her graduation ceremony, she received a vision from Pharasma, and now wanders the world in devout service to her goddess.

Elani Kaddren

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