Dargan Etters

Leader of Aspis Consortium's Sargavan Division


Dargan cannot help but stand out in a crowd, being as tall as the native Sargavians and standing out with his fair skin. Dargan always keeps himself clean and gowned in fancy clothing, lest he fortunately encounter a business potential that he can monopolize on. Because of this, his higher end clothing and flashy jewelery exude wealth, but in a professional manner. Even when Dargan smiles, he still appears to be frowning.


Being the head of the Aspis Consortium’s business practices in Sargava, Dargan is almost required to be professional at all times, and seeking nothing more than to make a business deal. With the main branches of the Consortium so far away, this also allows Dargan to essentially run his dealings any way he wishes, and being the consummate business man, he does so with any means available, whether it be treating a partner like a local legend, or disposing of a competitor in… discreet means. However, Dargan is nothing if not a fair man, and believes in making deals where both parties come out ahead; first and foremost he must profit, but if a partner profits as well, then there is incentive to join together in future ventures.

Dargan Etters

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