Leader of the Red Mantis Assassins


If you are unlucky enough to actually ever seen the character only known as “Chivane”, you are most likely dead. If, for some grace given by her, you actually meet her and survive, however, you will never forget the beauty of this dark haired and tall woman, entirely clad in a red and black mantis outfit. Her eyes are completely black, and pierce through anything she may look at.


Outside the many conflicting rumors, very little is actually known about Chivane, except that “Chivane” is definitely not her real name. This mysterious, and infamous figure is often synonymous with the death itself, as she is the leader of the Red Mantis Assassins in Sargava. Rumor states that if you desire to hire an assassin to slay someone, and you need it do a certain way, the Red Mantis Assassins will send Chivane, because she is rumored to know 50 different ways to kill a target upon sight.


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