Captain Landry

Captain of the Landris deep sea fishing ship


Standing only a mere 5’ 4", Captain Landry appears as an informal, almost feeble old man. His short cut white hair rounds out his face completely, thanks to equally long bangs and a beard. The years at sea show heavily on Captain Landry’s skin as it appears as rough and leathery as a rhino. However, none of these rough traits seem to be able to keep a smile from his face, or a bottle of whiskey from his hand.


Captain Landry heads the crew of his own ship, the Landris. Like many ship Captains sailing from Sargava, you are either a Free Captain of the Shackles, or under their paid protection, and Landry is the ladder. Landry owns his ship outright and sails it year round into the deeper parts of Desperation Bay to seek out the big game fish for profit and joy, wanting nothing more than to set sail, return, and repeat. While Landry is the Captain of the ship, he refuses to answer to the title “Captain”, and insists that all who make his good graces call him “Landry”. Whether it is this informal attitude, or his penchant for Whiskey, it seems that the dynamic on Landry’s ship is slightly different than most, as his “slave” crew seems to enjoy every aspect of sailing as though they were equal to the Captain. Landry will readily verify his slaves paperwork and ownership to any officials who may ask, but once all necessary formalities are aside, Landry considers himself a liberator of the slaves he “owns”, offering them full respect as long as he can help it. Therefore, his crew may often present a lackadaisical attitude, but he has earned their complete loyalty, and they will fiercely fight for him and his profits, should he be able to afford another freed “slave” to crew alongside them.

Captain Landry

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