"Captain" Ekubus

Male Water Mephit


As with most Mephits, Ekubus is a small creature, with blue skin that seems to be constantly dripping and secreting water. His over-sized nose and pointed ears accent his face, and a small pair or wings protrude from his back. While Water Mephits often present sea-blue eyes, Ekubus has bulled yellow eyes instead.


Ekubus is quite obviously insane, with absolutely no attachments to reality save for a few glimpses of observation of the area immediately around him. His attachment to the sunken ship “Salty Strumpet” is unwavering, and he has declared himself “Captain” over all of the crabs, sea urchins, barnacles, and fish that reside therein. If it weren’t for the already unnatural state of this relationship between the “Captain” and the Salty Strumpet’s “Crew”, Ekubus would make a half decent Captain, as he shouts orders over them and can even be seen worrying for their well being.

"Captain" Ekubus

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