Athyra and Jaji

Native Sargavian


Athyra’s native and natural look barely hides the beauty of the civilized woman she was destined to become. Standing over 6 feet tall, with a dark tan that covers most of her body, save for the scant areas of modesty she has hung skinned pelts, Athyra wields a long staff topped with a partial jawbone of an unknown creature with razor sharp teeth. Athyra is never without her faithful companion Jaji, a Full grown raptor who ferociously protects her from any perceived threats.


Stripped of her civilized life at a young age by the destruction of her entire village, Athyra was the sole survivor of Fzumi Mine massacre that took place when she was a small girl. Being so young and so immediately orphaned, Athyra fled from her village in terror into the nearby wilds, where she miraculously survived from the harshness and predators. At one point early, on, Athyra stole away with a raptor’s egg, curious as to what may live inside. After nursing the egg to hatch, and feeding the baby raptor, it immediately took to her as family, and thus Jaji came into her life. Now fully grown, Athyra and Jaji still dwell in the woods near the old Fzumi village, but due to her own created superstitions, Athyra never enters the old family mine.

Athyra and Jaji

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