Asura Vajra

Crossblooded Sorcerer


Asura is tall and imposing, a fact enhanced by his imperious gaze. He seems to be perpetually on the verge of a sneer, and his height allows him to literally look down on most people. He is visibly impatient with anyone in a serving role, or those whose social station is obviously not equal to his. With his perceived equals, he is mostly polite unless his temper is roused. When outdoors, any cloak he wears always flutters and twists in a breeze, even when the air is calm.


Little is known about the true past of Asura Vajra, although there is some supposition. He appears to be of Vudrani descent, although he’s much taller than most Vudrani. He has been found occasionally working as a guard or escort on ships in the region, and he claims that any vessel with him on it will be safe from storms. No one can verify that he has the ability to control the weather, but so far no vessel he’s worked has gotten caught in bad weather either.

Some have said that he claims to be the descendant of Parjanya, the Vudrani god of storms, one of the thousands of gods in the Vudrani pantheon. When asked why he is walking the earth, he claims to be looking for his birthright, something called the Cloud Castle of the Storm King. Few have questioned him beyond this, although stories abound of what happened when a drunk mocked his claims to demi-godhood. It seems he does possess some ability with lightning and storm-based magic, and has no qualms about using it on those who fail to show him deference.

Recent events have seen his temperament mellow quite a bit, even as his power has visibly increased. His appearance has changed as well, and after communing with a river god he seems to have aged a bit, and his hair has grown long and silvery.

Since communing with and absorbing his lost “sister”, Asura has regained some nobility to his nature, and his courage and confidence have increased. He has lost the long hair, and the aura of power and magic that surrounds him has increased dramatically.

Asura Vajra

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