Amivor Glaur

Pathfinder Expedition Leader


A welcome, yet unsettling change to the standard perceptions of the classic Pathfinders, Amivor is decidedly unkempt, rugged, and rough around the edges. His wild Red hair seems to flow like a flame in the wind, and he is rarely seen fraternizing with those of pomp and circumstance. Amivor, all to familiar with the wilds of Sargava, wears only utilitarian clothing with multiple pockets, and prefers to expose his skin to the natural sun, in order to compensate for the heat of the days.


Amivor offers no confusion for the sort of man he is, presenting his rugged and rough attitude through his appearance and demeanor, and yet The Pathfinder Society has placed him in charge of all Sargavian Expeditions, due to his great ability to do such successful voyages. Amivor can usually be found in the bars at Ereder, drinking with his favored traveling companions and recounting tall stories about his adventures, but once he is set upon a job, Amivor is completely serious. Because of this attitude and respect for the natures of Sargava, and his positive reputation with the local tribes, Amivor is easily the most knowledgeable about Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse.

Amivor views the natives of Sargava with respect, and understands that their tribal ways are different, but not lesser than any other society. Because of this, he is among the very few that has established a dipolmatic reputation with most tribes known to the Pathfinder Society, which has yielded a wealth of information.

Amivor Glaur

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