Rescued Marid Djinn


While the Marid of the Plane of Water are often described as “tall, blue people”, Afsaneh has only been seen in an augmented form for the past 10 years. As a human, she stands 6’ 2" with long, wavy chestnut hair that flows down to the small of her back. Her dark, olive skin is a distinctive trait that she was forced to dawn at the behest of her former captor, and her dark brown eyes seem to have a magnetic pull to them. Her beauty seemed unparalleled, as it was these traits that were desired.
As a Marid, Afsaneh is actually 15" 4’, with streaks or deep blue and aquamarine that run across her body like waves. She maintains her long, flowing hair in a deep green color. To contrast, her eyes glow a golden sheen, and no matter how they are viewed, they always catch the light in reflection.


Over 10 years ago, an accomplished summoner once summoned a Shahzada, the noble race of the outsiders known as Marid, or Djinn of the Water Plane. When the powerful Djinn appeared, he was angered at the interruption, but intrigued by the power of such a mortal. He gave the man one wish, not to be squandered, to redeem himself for his deeds, or else the Djinn would punish him with his words. The summoner, named Ja’Raffa, was cleaver, and wished for control of a Djinn, but not over the one who stood before him. Instead he asked for power over the Shahzada’s most powerful foe from his plane. Though the Djinn was initially ready to end Ja’Raffa’s life, he was pleased by this wish, and enjoyed the mutual benefit of it’s nature. For this, he told the Summoner of a great and powerful magical property, that of a being’s True Name. With it, the summoner could have complete power over his enemy, and he named her; Afsaneh.

Afsaneh, who at the time was a very powerful Shahzada among the Marid, was instantly bound by the magic and will of Ja’Raffa. For 10 years, Ja’Raffa has tormented Afsaneh with the worst and most debouched desires, manifesting them all through her wishes and using almost all of them against her. Helpless to his will, coupled with his mastery of magic and use of her True Name, Afsaneh had no ability to resist. However, in his fervor, Ja’Raffa overlooked many aspects of his wishes, for which Afsaneh was able to fill in with her own interests. It was in these nuances that she was able to build hints of her True Name into the palace design, hoping that one day a set of visitors would learn of the injustices, and free her using her true Name as well.

A set of adventurers, disgusted at her treatment, have done just that, and as she banished Ja’Raffa to the Plane of Hell, she thanked them for their kindness, offering her loyalty whenever needed.


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