Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 18

Journal of Taro Blood 18

Journal of Taro Blood
January the 28th 2016

We elected to head down the main hallway and after disarming a trap in the middle of the room we moved on into the next room where I snuck ahead to scout the situation and saw a skinless bloody form moving from the highest of 3 crypts back to the wall and so on. It took me a minute to figure out what it was, a type of vampire called a Terkow so I crept back and informed my fellows of what we were about to face and the Tin Man, naturally, charged right in whilst I crept around the side and attacked him a few times before he ran away and yelled something down the other hall and 3 other thralls ran to defend their master and immediately attacked the Tin Man whilst I dealt with the Terkow, that is until he turned the corner looked more or less where I was standing and…..vomited on me. I shadow stepped back to Asuras position to try and clean this crap off when I was suddenly I was drenched by a torrent of water cold, cold water courtesy of Asura.

After regaining the use of my limbs after that downpour I slowly made my way back to the Terkow but not before the thralls managed to almost kill the tin man and the Terkow knelt down and bit him so I gladly finished him off and Asura managed to practically vaporize the remaining thralls and after downing a potion or three we managed to get him back on his feet and decided to head back to the secret door, get inside and bed down for the night. Given that I was practically unharmed and had only expended only 1 Ki point I took the watch all night giving the tin man a chance to rest and recuperate. I heard something from down the hallway and crept up to the edge and watched in fascinated horror as the bones slowly started to come together and in some cases punch through the concrete floor which awoke the others so I ran back and told them what I say and suggested that we de-ass the area with the quickness and bamf we teleported back to the assassins camp.

After stocking up on potions and healing up the tin man we were about to head back in when the tin man saw what he claimed was a serpent folk so I ran to check it out but nothing was there. A few minutes later I also saw a serpent folk and between the three of us we managed to get into the room where I saw it rather quickly and yet I saw only a small trace of purplish smoke which when I pointed it out to Asura he blasted the whole room for reasons only clear to Asura. After that we decided to teleport back to the entrance to the temple and made our way back in. after checking on the remains of the Terkow we pressed on towards the next area and found ourselves in another large room filled with the black dust and as I crept in staying close to the wall I was suddenly grabbed by skeletal hands that had burst from the wall and it wasn’t until Asura put a hand on my shoulder that I realized that I had imagined the whole thing and while I was dealing with that the tin man was dealing with phantasms of his own, something about Kevs head when all I could see was a rock. The tin man then strode of toward the hidden door and broke it down and by the time Asura and I got there we saw him tearing the shit out of the room that I had seen the skeletons rise from but as I looked about there were no holes in the concrete. Something was messing with us whether it was a lich as the others surmised or it was the black dust as I surmised but we did find what we were looking for so we headed back to town.



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