Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 17

Journal of Taro Blood 17

Journal of Taro Blood
January the 14th 2016

Fully rested and prepared for next dungeon we decided to head to the one located in the temple of Pharasma. We took our boat trying to locate its location fully expecting it to be hard to find with the Tin Man spotted a tree and what looks like a courtyard…ok so maybe it won’t be so hard to find. I went up first and tied a rope to the tree so the others could climb up. Being the sneaky one I went ahead and poked my head in the doorway after determining that it wasn’t trapped and saw 3 serpent folk somewhat hidden behind 2 giant sarcophaguses and one of them shot some kind of dart at the Tin Man so I moved into the room and made ready to attack. I managed to use the Psychokinetic ooze to take control of one of the serpent fold briefly and then landed a crit on him and watched as the ooze spiked in his blood causing massive damage. The other two serpent folk tried to run away when it became apparent that they couldn’t win and then 2 ghosts floated up through the sarcophaguses and started to attack but thanks to the Tin Man and I spending a lot of gold we now had ghost touch blades and thus made short work of them whilst Azura killed the two retreating serpent folk. The Tin Man and I opened the sarcophagus that wasn’t already open and two more ghosts came out but they quickly fell.

After healing up and having Azura check on the door leading from this room to see if it’s trapped I went ahead to scout it out and reported back that the hallway continued down to a main chamber but also split off to the left and right, the right being behind a hidden door which I stupidly opened without looking for traps first so Azura caught a blast of something that hit him rather hard but a potion of lesser of restoration and he was right as rain (pun intended). In this rather large room was 2 zombie dire tigers and the whole room stunk of death and decay. Yay add two zombies to my tally but unfortunately there were no crystals here so we headed back to the main hallway…



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