Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 16

Journal of Taro Blood 16

Journal of Taro Blood
January the 7th 2016

I was standing next to my friend the thought devourer and I remembered my orders, I and the Derhii were to protect our friend at all costs. I was to focus my attacks on the mage intruder so I moved forward stealthily when BANG a lightning explosion went off where my friend was standing so I studied my target for a second and was about to make my attack when I wondered why I would want to attack my….ally Azura. I then turned back to the thought devourer but damn he’s nowhere to be seen but the Derhii was right in front of me so I attacked him and the tin man was able to finish him off and as he fell the thought devourer crawled out of his skull and ran towards this strange black box with copper wires coming out of it. I tried my damnedest to land a hit but he was just too damn fast. Carter managed to land a couple of hits as did Azura and the tin man but I finally managed to land a single hit when the tin man decided to upend a table into this cauldron of green goo for, I hope, a reason. He then cleft the thought devourer in twain.

I can see my brain and given that It’s outside my head I can’t help but wonder how the devourer got it out of my head and into this crystal container without killing me when I noticed something weird about the green goo when I thought about something violent the top of the green goo got all spikey and between Azura and myself we managed to figure out that it is some kind of psychokinetic ooze that seems to respond to my thoughts…although how I’m thinking when my brain isn’t in my head is giving me a headache. we decided to head back and heal up, come back in the morning and seal this place up from the inside and hope no one gets in and kills me.



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