Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 14

Journal of Taro Blood 14

Journal of Taro Blood
December 3rd 2015

We found the crystals down in the muck as well as a ring of some kind and thankfully the tunnel ended in the lake, the crystal clear lake somewhat near our ship which we clambered aboard and decided to stay the night. I spent my watch in the crow’s nest keeping an eye on the mercantile district where according to our last reports was where the city guard contingent had fallen back to if they were still alive and the Pathfinders in the government district and they seemed to have made some rather impressive fortifications in the short time they’ve been there.

My sleep was once again rudely interrupted by the tin man doing his shouting routine so I decided to just get up rather than try and go back to sleep. The plan of the day was for me to scout the mercantile district while they waited for me near to where we thought the temple entrance. I used my eagle cape to fly over to the mercantile district and wow we are so very fucked. Gorillians, Charuka and a flying version called Derhii swarmed all over the district. They appear to be building a large hut, presumably for their leader maybe the leader of the military district?

I flew back at top speed to the others transformed and landed on the boat and told them what I saw. Asura’s immediate reaction was to teleport us back to the ship. After some convincing I managed to persuade to allow the sneaky one to check out the temple. This is going to be more difficult than I originally thought, every time I made a move the Derhii would take flight and hover near me for an hour or two but as it turned to night I eventually did find the entrance and even managed to disarm the trap on the door and almost immediately regretted coming here alone. In the room ahead were two ogres sitting around a campfire so I thought I could lure them away from the campfire and towards the door and away from the hallway but they somehow spotted me immediately so I employed one of my tricks and turned invisible and bamfed as far down the hall as I could and after another few minutes and another trap disarmed I found myself looking into a room that had a few boggarts and another Charuka sitting at a campfire eating. After a few minutes deliberation I decided to press my luck and use a death attack on the Charuka. It worked! I severed his spine and was down the hall before the boggarts knew what had happened.



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