Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 13

Journal of Taro Blood 13

Journal of Taro Blood
November 19th 2015

With Kevs loss we decided to press on and see what lay beyond the room with the salt cubes and wouldn’t you know it there was a giant slug like creature on the ceiling that was easily dispatched and eventually we found our way back out to the artisan district. The speaker for the muse was seemingly waiting for us with a stranger in tow. The stranger claimed to be a merc in the employ of the Pathfinders. I immediately warmed to this stranger as he was another person of common sense i.e. coin although Asura still insists that it’s some kind of god and he had the most incredible array of trophies that I had ever seen. It seems that he too was sent her by one of Chivane’s lackeys so while we have lost an ally it seems that fate has given us a new one.

We now had several choices we could either: go and “assist” the pathfinders who were held up in the government district or deal with the far more imminent threat of the intelligent serpent folk in the under city which we decided was more pressing so Asura teleported us back to the assassins camp and I stocked up on potions and swords given that Kev was gone. The closest underground are to the assassins was in the farming district. About halfway there I noticed that we were being followed by the leader of the boggarts, I told Asura and what does the fool do? He calls to the creature to come forth and show himself. As we approached the area where the entrance should be the leader pointed to the foulest watery pit no doubt full of piss and worse and told us that what we seek must be down there. After drinking some water breathing potions and with the tin man in the lead and I bringing up the rear we made our descant into the pool of shit only to find some rather large piranha that attacked me even though I was hidden so I did what any normal person would do, I swam away from the man eating fish and I kept swimming til I found the way down but was met by some kind of merfolk swimming up to join the fray so I swam back to the tin man and pointed them out and thanks to the new guy they stood no chance.



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