Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 12

Journal of Taro Blood 12

Journal of Taro Blood
November 12th 2015

After awakening from that nightmare we gathered up the person who was locked up in the cage in the corner and teleported to the Artisan district in hopes that the radiant muse would be able to heal the woman and while the others dealt with that I crawled into bed in hopes of getting as much sleep as I could before the tin man started with his fucking chanting. Every. Goddamned. Day. My rest is shattered by that oaf and his chanting and banging, I’m honestly surprised Asura hasn’t just killed him yet. Well it seems that the young woman was enfeebled by someone, most likely the undead serpent folk, and after some work was able to restore her to her normal self. She was rather grateful and mentioned that the group she worked for was the pathfinders and that they had found a way into an area underground and that it was teeming with intelligent serpent folk.

After showing us a map she had drawn on the inside of her coat we noted that there should be several other ways in including in this very district so leaving her to recuperate we explored to the southeast and found an entrance perfectly camouflaged as a crack in the mountain so I did what I do and snuck in to have a look around. Great more vampires, at least one by a fire in the center of the main room and a body of one around the corner that looked to have been smashed by something rather big but he’s the only “live” one I see so I went back to tell the others what I saw so they decided to rush in and kill it quickly. Managed to kill the first vamp but two more rounded the corner and managed to lay into Kev and the tin man rather effectively but we dispatched them too.

We came across a larger room that was slanted at a not insufficient angle, must have been cause by an earthquake or something similar so the others stayed back and I snuck on ahead and came across two very large blocks of salt that kinda blocked the way and in the other direction was a locked and trapped door, an altar and two statues on either side of said altar and no other way out that I could see so I tried my luck getting the door open without setting off the trap but no luck so I went back and reported what I had found and with the aid of some potions of mine were able to cross the unstable ground and see if they could get the door open but again no luck. Thanks to Asura and Kev I was able to bypass the lock by the skin of my teeth whilst they went back to the intersection in case I failed but thanks to my focus I didn’t notice the two now animated stone statues almost on top of me but I managed to hide and get myself out of danger just as I notice yet another statue or golem rather this one made of iron as it got out of its seat. The golems are “dead” and we have found more keys to the portal device and some very nice art. Just as we were about to decide where to go next I smelled water and bamf Kev’s water genie appeared and asked for her help on some grand blah blah blah and just like that we are down an ally.



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