Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 11

Journal of Taro Blood 11

Journal of Taro Blood
October 29th 2015

After the last ghost had fled and we were able to take a moment and search this room I noticed a small button on the bottom of the scrying bowl. We decided to explore the life side of the temple before pushing that button and found much the same as we did on the death side except this was dedicated to birth but other than that it was a mirror of the other room so we headed back down to the scrying chamber and pushed the button and found a room with some kind of spherical structure in a small room covered by the same black….stuff that we found up above. Asura mentioned that the spherical thing was a permanent portal spell and that the small broken crystal bits scattered around the floor must have been controlling it somehow when I heard a small whimper from across the room and rather than allow me to go check it out Asura had the bright idea to blow the dust that was positively covering the room around so we could all choke on it…like I said brilliant.

As the dust settled back down we saw that there was a woman in tattered clothing whimpering in the farthest corner of the cage she was in. Naturally Kev was eager to free her and with some help from the tin man managed to get the cage open just as I noticed a glint of something golden by the entrance so I went to check that out. As I brushed away the black stuff I saw several golden idols that seemed to me just didn’t belong here but I figured that taking them couldn’t hurt, boy oh boy was I wrong. The second I picked up one of the idols it melted and encased my left hand and I lost consciousness.

As I woke up I found myself alone in this endless landscape and a figure standing about 40 feet away from me that started talking shit about me being evil blah, blah, blah and he would smite blah, blah, blah. Son of a bitch he can hit hard, I managed to rattle him for a moment and then land a solid hit on him but he eventually managed to “kill” me and I woke up in the room with the dust and wondering what the hell is going on.



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