Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 10

Journal of Taro Blood 10

Journal of Taro Blood
October 22nd 2015

After dealing with the ghosts we decided to rest for what was left of the night and head to the temple of Pharasma in the morning. As we approached the temple I noticed that it was by far the largest temple in the district, now I know fuck all about gods but this big of a temple must have been heavily worshiped back in the day and for a deity that, according to the tin man, hated undead this temple must have been desecrated. As we entered the vestibule we saw three different wings to this temple and according to Kev and the tin man the one on the left was towards death, the one straight ahead led was dedicated to fate or prophecy and the one on the right was rebirth. As we made our way towards the death section we saw many rooms dedicated to the care and presentation of the dead and several hidden corridors connecting the one to the other. The top floor contained more benches for seating and a large altar with a ceremonial dagger lying next to some cut pieces of cloth and we were investigating this dagger when it suddenly levitated and flew at Asura and we were once again battling ghosts.

After this encounter we headed back down and moved towards the center chamber and found ourselves heading down a curving flight of stairs that lead to a large chamber with a several small alcoves covered by drapes and when one of them moved the tin man rushed in to fight whatever lay behind the drape. Mummies, ghosts and undead serpent folk oh joy. There were 5 mummies and 2 ghosts who attacked the others. The ghosts were behaving somewhat randomly but they were able to drive Asura from the room at one point and damned near killed the tin man but we managed to kill all the mummies and the boss who just wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to easily kill him.



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