Serpent's Skull

Journal of Taro Blood 09

Journal of Taro Blood 09

Journal of Taro Blood
October 15th 2015

As the others talked to the muse about something I noticed a sigil on the wall that must belong to the Mantis assassins so I followed it and low and behold I find an assassin who mutters something about the dead rising in the temple district so I head back to the others when I feel this pain after stepping into the light. At first I thought that it was just my eyes adjusting but the longer I stood there the more it hurt and when I got back to the others Kev looked much the same. Thanks to Kev and the tin man we now know that we are under some kind of cure probably from our encounter on Vampire Island. The decision was made to head back to the temple district and ask the assassins for help in curing this curse and finding out more about the rising undead.

Asura teleported us back to the temple district and as we made our way back to the assassins I noticed a form darting away from a building so I snuck off to investigate and when I couldn’t tell anything I went back, grabbed Kev and told her about what I saw and she took a look around and found tracks leading from the buildings second floor to one of the canals and once I looked in on the second floor I couldn’t see anything of relevance so we rejoined the others and arrived at the temple and after talking with Chivane about removing the curse and that the undead were seen around the temple of Pharasma.

As we headed towards the temple of Pharasma I noticed something going into the ziggurat so I snuck in to investigate but I couldn’t see anything for the life of me but the others decided to go in anyways and the next thing I know we’re fighting mummies and damn that sucks I had to modify my normal routine to adjust for their fear effect but we managed to put them down but Kev and the tin man were infected with mummy rot but after a few rounds of lesser restoration Asura teleported us to the ship…for some reason but no sooner had we arrived when Asura, the tin man and I decided to go to sleep while Kev took the first watch. I was awakened by the sound of someone screaming above deck so the tin man and I went up to find no one on deck and someone screaming as he (she?) was thrown off the deck by some unseen force. Ghosts why does it always have to be ghosts, the tin man charged into combat after growing in size while I stayed hidden waiting for the other shoe to drop. The other shoe was the fact that Kev and Asura were not on the ship at all and were in fact fighting what looked like a massive forest fire so I turned into an eagle and flew off to get Kev’s attention and the two of us went back to help the tin man who was grappling what looked to be a possessed crewman before the head came off and laughed all the way to the side of the ship before dropping into the water.



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